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Tier is a Germany based electric scooter startup, which is the most fast-growing mobility company in Europe.

Most electric scooter startups usually replace electric batteries directly (or by contracting with other companies). Tier is planning to build a battery pack device that allows users to replace batteries conveniently and build a battery charging network throughout Europe. It is usually placed in cafes or small shops in the area where the scooter’s parking point is. Users will be given a scooter credit in exchange for battery replacement. This method can reduce the cost of changing the battery every time.

All new Tier scooters are equipped with foldable helmets as well. It is made of a structure that allows users to fold and put it back in conveniently. This way, Tier can also respond to safety issues, one of the most important points in operating the electric scooter business. Also, scooter model, which is no longer operated as a model replacement is refurbishedand sold directly in Germany through a separate site, myTier.

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