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Netflix Seeks Executive to Expand Game Efforts

Game: According to the first report by DeInformation at the end of May, Netflix met to hire veteran executives in the game industry and began to create a game business in earnest. Netflix has been predicting that the next business for video streaming will be video games. Netflix, which has become the biggest platform in the entertainment business, is considered a natural choice to consider as the next growth driver. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings once said that Epic Games’ Fortnite, not any other streaming company, would be their biggest competitor. That’s why children and young adults play games. After all, the key is how to bring future customers’ time.

Private Brands Product: Recently, we opened a Netflix shop and started selling products from collections related to original content. Just as Disney expands its worldview by creating numerous products based on vast content and characters, Netflix seems to intend to expand its worldview. Of course, They will make a profit from the sale of the product.

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